Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel

Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel-Adopt this building

Brass Rail Saloon and HotelInside Brass Rail SaloonInside of Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel

The Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel was built in 1889 in Page, ND. It moved to Bonanzaville in 1971 by the Page Homemakers, who operated the building as a museum in Page 1968.  It offered 9 comfortable sleeping quarters, including a bridal suite, meals, and live entertainment on the player piano. No alcholoic beverages were served in this building until 1930 because North Dakota entered the Union as a dry state. A dry state is a state in which manufacturing, distribution, importation or sale of alcoholic beverages are prohibited or tightly restricted. When Prohibition was repealed in 1933 making alcohol could be served.

When the hotel opened in 1889, the room prices ranged from 50 cents for a common room to 75 cents for the bridal suite. There was no indoor plumbing so water had to be carried in, and chamber pots carried out. The current furnishings in the rooms are similar to those used in the early 1900’s.