Cass- Clay Creamery

Cass-Clay Creamery-Adopt this building

The Cass-Clay Creamery building is a reproduction of a 1920,s era creamery. It was constructed in 1986 and sponsored by Cass-Clay Company in celebration of their 50th anniversary. The interior is furnished with dairy equipment from a creamery in Kenmare, North Dakota.

Farmers would bring milk to their local railroad depot in large metal containers known as cream cans. The train would take the cans to the creamery where the cream was separated and the cans were washed before being sent back on the train to be refilled. Inside the building, you can see how butter was made inside a large old style butter churn and how the butter was cut into sticks. The creamery also contains the equipment that was used to milk cows, and displays the evolution of milk containters ranging from the old glass bottles to the plastic jugs used today.