Cass County Courthouse and Bell

Cass County Courthouse and Bell-Adopt this building

Couthouse and BellInside the Court RoomInside the Court Room

The Cass County District Courtroom has been recreated inside this building which originally served as the Hagemeister School #2, District #31 in Berlin Township near Argusville, North Dakota. The building was constructed in 1928 to replace the original wood framed schoolhouse built in 1882. In 1956, the Hagemeister School closed and was purchased by Frank Gavin of Absaraka, North Dakota and served as the Berlin Township Hall. He donated the building to the Cass County Historical Society in 1978.

The building now contains the restored furnishings of the Cass County District Courtroom which were used from1904 to 1967. The interior of the courtroom was salvaged while the courthouse was being remodeled to accommodate two smaller courtrooms instead of one large room. The furnishings remained in storage at the Cass County Historical Society until a suitable building was found to recreate the courtroom. A generous donation from the Alex Stern Family Foundation helped provide funding for the retrofitting and restoration of the courtroom’s furnishings into the school house.

The bell in front of the building is from the tower of the Cass County Courthouse. It was donated to the Historical Society after the braces holding the bell broke and the bell plunged several feet into the building before it came to a stop.