Eagles Air Museum

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In front of Air MuseumInside Museum Looking at Governors's plane

The Eagles Air Museum exhibits a collection of over a dozen aircraft and aircraft related artifacts, as well as other vehicles. One of the highlights of the museum is a Douglas C-47 that was used in World War II during the D-Day Invasion, and was later used as the “Governors Plane” transporting North Dakota’s governors from 1947 to the 1970's. There are twenty aircraft on display, dating from 1911 to 1980's. The oldest aircraft is the 1911 Curtiss Pusher. In 1911 "lucky bob" St. Henry of Minot, ND, made the first successful flight in North Dakota in Fargo in one of these Curtiss Pusher. This was only seven years after the Wright brothers first flight in 1903.

The Museum also features a collection of aircrafts built and restored by Charles David Klessig, a pilot from the Page, North Dakota area who flew aircrafts during World War II and was instrumental in creating the Air Museum at the Cass County Historical Society. Mr. Klessig wrote of his life of flying in a book titled, "My Highway in the Sky", which is available in the museum store.