Fargo's First House

Fargo’s First House-Adopt this building

Fargo First Houseside view of first house

Fargo’s first house was built by Harry Moore with help from George Mann in 1869. Fargo, at this time was just a city of tents in what was then Dakota Territory. Initially the house was close to the Red River near what is now Island Park, was later moved because of annual flooding. The house was named “Elm Tree House.” This sign hung on a large elm tree in the front yard for many years.  In 1872 the house served as the Man-Moore Hotel and in 1875 as a jail. The city paid rent of $15 per month for a year while the new jail was being built. The upstairs of the house was the jail. The main floor held the offices of the sheriff and mayor. In 1882 Henry Hector bought the house and rebuilt the structure and moved the house to 199 4th St. S. Hector lived there until his death in 1940. THe house was then rented as a duplex for many years.

In 1974 the Fargo Moorhead Board of Realtors and Multiple Listings Service donated the house to the Cass County Historical Society. Palmer Forness, a member of the Cass County Historical Society and a Fargo Fire Department Employee, did most of the restoration to the Cabin. Replacing a few of the original logs, and adding mixture of cement and sand to openings between the logs, the house was said to be near original condition by 1980.