Hagen house

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Hagen House

The Hagen House site is really a set of three buildings—the main house, a summer kitchen and the outhouse. It was located on a farm near Horace, ND. Martin Hagen built the house in 1897 on a farmstead southwest of Horace. Three Hagen generations lived here without running water or electricity.

Behind the House is a summer kitchen which was used for cooking, doing laundry and anything else that required a fire. During the warm months in summer/ fall the main house would become to hot if it was used regulary, this is why a summer kitchen outside the house became an important feature on bonanza farms. This also made more room in the house to seat the threshing crews who numbered in the 20’s at times. In the summer kitchen you will see a kerosene stove and a crock that was used for brine and to preserve meat after butchering, there is also a slicing board and stomper, used for making sauerkraut. Summer kitchens were used into the 1940’s.