Horse Drawn Building

Horse-Drawn Vehicle Building-Adopt this building

Front of the Horse Drawn Building

This museum houses Bonanzaville’s large collection of horse-drawn vehicles and equipment. Buggies, sleighs, farm wagons, drays, and a milk wagon are just a few of the vehicles located here. A replica Well’s Fargo stage coach, also known as a Concord Coach, was custom-made for Bonanzaville by the Minnesota Cart and Coach Company. Every detail is authentic.

This building also houses the horse-drawn hearse from the Fredrickson and Brakke Funeral home of Davenport, ND. It was build in the late 1800’s and purchased in 1905 and comes complete with a wooden casket. The caskets lid was bolted down and the class window allowed a public viewing. Before burial, a cover was fastened over the glass.