Land Office Bank

Land Office Bank-Adopted

Land Office and Bank

The Homestead Act was important piece of legislation in the settlement of Dakota Territory. The Homestead Act was signed by Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862, part of which stated that any head of household over 21 could file for 160 acres, one quater section, of land outside of the orignal 13 colonies that was neither claimed nor public land. The next step for homesteaders was to improve the land; this required a house of some sort to be build as well as 15 acres of land to be broke or plowed. Men and women from all over came and claimed land, and was not uncommon for single or widowed women to claim land.

The Land Office Bank was where hopefull new land seekers would file their claims. After improvement was shown on their land, these land owners would receive the titles to the property. Inside this building you can see the requirements that settlers needed to complete in order to recieve their land titles. This project, undertaken by the Bonanzaville Belles, who are part of the Cass County Historical Society.It is a replica of a building once found in Cogswell, ND that was used during the years of settlement.