Pioneer Fire Company

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Fire HouseHorse Drawn Fire Hose

Inside Fire Hall

The Pioneer Fire Company is a memorial to all firefighters of the area, past, present and future. Firefighters from Fargo, West Fargo and Casselton built the fire hall to resemble a fire station of the 1890’s and to preserve and protect fire fighting memorabilia. When the City Council of Fargo chartered the Pioneer Fire Company in 1877, John Haggart was named Fargo’ first fire chief.

Equipment displayed includes the hand-pulled “bucket” truck, and the soda and acid truck from Davenport, ND. Fargo’s horse drawn hose truck from the turn of the century is displayed, including the harness with hinged horse collar that hangs from the ceiling. The horses would walk to their position when the alarm sounded, and the driver would trip the harness holder allowing the harness to close and the horse wagon was ready to go.

Fargo’s 1930 Amaerican LaFrance 1000 GPM pumper is on display as well as the 1947 pumper and the American LaFrance 1000 aerial. The apparatus floor also includes various other pieces of firefighting equipment.

Upstairs was the living area where one or two men lived in the station to care for the horses. An interesting photo display shows fires, personnel and equipment. Many other artifacts are also on display, the original brass fire pole from the Moorhead, MN Fire station extends from the second floor to the apparatus floor.