U-R Next Barber Shop

U-R Next Barber Shop-Adopted

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Built around 1900, this barber shop was originally located in Buffalo, ND. W.J. Frederick first operated it as the “City Tonsorial Parlor.” From 1909-1964, Lewis Easton owned and operated it as the “U-R Next Barber Shop.” Easton was also a law enforcement officer and it was reported that he would sometimes run out of his shop and give a speeding ticket to someone racing through Buffalo on the highway.

Before Buffalo had a city water system, the U-R Next had running water. Easton’s son Donal, would fill the large galvanized tub above the ceiling in the back entry using a bucket. The two water pipes went to the tub/shower and to the sink in the main room. The pipe carrying cold water went directly to the shower/tub, the other pipe when through a small, coal-fire water heater.

Many of the artifacts here are original to the shop, including the wood and glass-backed bar with the marble top and wooden barber chairs. Combs and razors were kept in a small glass container marked “ANTISEPTIC.” A glass showcase used for candy and cigars still sits in the shop where it did during operation. The desk and chair are in their original places. The mug rack housed personalized shaving mugs belonging to their regular customers.