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Bonanzaville, USA is owned & operated by the Cass County, ND, Historical Society

Located at 1351 Main Ave West ~ West Fargo, ND,  We offer tours, special events, and programming year round on 12 acres.  With 41 historic buildings, more than 400,000 artifacts, and millions of memories; Bonanzaville is North Dakota's must-see historic attraction.


Bonanzaville, USA, where we are dedicated to the Education, Enlightenment and Enrichment of the lives of our guests through the use of History; by preserving, sharing and connecting the past with the present.




A place of interactive unique experiences that inspires people of all ages to learn about early pioneers, their descendants and their impact; a place called Bonanzaville, USA.




The People:


Bonanzaville, USA where North Dakota Nice is part of our History.


Bonanzaville, USA will hold its Board, its employees and volunteers to the highest                        standards of conduct.  We will be Politically Neutral, Civic Minded, and Ethically                              Sound in our presentation of the history of our area.


Bonanzaville, USA where we care about our volunteers and staff; where we are                            committed to finding and developing great people.


The value of:


Bonanzaville, USA a place for the community and others outside the area to be                              educated and enlightened about the diverse history of the area.


Change, to embrace it as change is essential to growth.


Why we are here:


To support the community though education and example.  With educational, civic,                        patriotic, and entertaining programs and demonstrations.  


To focus on the Safety and Security of our visitors, clients, volunteers and staff.

Shared Values

The Cass County, North Dakota, Historical Society (CCHS) was organized in 1954 and became a nonprofit corporation in North Dakota in 1955. Later that year, we got into the museum business when the Pioneer Daughters donated the contents of their historic museum housed in the basement of Menard Hall at NDSU (then NDAC) to Bonanzaville, USA.


Since 1967, CCHS had been collecting buildings from around the county, and moving them to the location now called Bonanzaville, USA on land donated by the Red River Valley Fair. The name refers to the large Bonanza farms that once existed in the Red River Valley. It wasn't until 1972 that a building to house our museum was constructed.   Artifacts were then moved from Menard Hall to the new museum.  Our collection now numbers over 400,000 items that are in either our permanent collection or our educational collection.


Over the years, CCHS has accumulated 41 buildings, many with Historical significance or containing Period Artifacts, while others house the Eugene Dahl Car Museum, the Eagles Air Museum, the Moen Tractor Museum and the Law Enforcement Museum.  

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