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Current Exhibits in the Main Museum

Company B Rides Free


This exhibit, a project of North Dakota State University public history students, will look at the story of Company B of the First North Dakota Volunteer Infantry.

“Captain Keye… asked all who were willing to volunteer their services… to step two paces to the front.  Every man of the fifty-four stepped up at once.”   


Thus did the local Fargo paper describe the response of Fargo’s National Guard company, Company B, to President McKinley’s call for volunteers to serve in the Spanish-American War. 

We Want to Vote:  100 Years of Women’s Suffrage-In honor of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage in 2020, this exhibit will look at the contributions of women who shaped the history of Cass County and women’s suffrage.















Why Bonanzaville?


A History of Red River Valley Bonanza Farms-A farming phenomena developed in North Dakota gave Bonanzaville its name. This exhibit tells the history of bonanza farms and how it inspired the name of our museum.


Main Street, North Dakota


-This exhibit takes artifacts from the closed upstairs of the Thue-Brink store to tell the story of businesses on main streets in North Dakota. Artifacts will include items from an early 20th century dentist office, beauty parlor, post office, and so much more.

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