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Pocketsights Walking Tours

A new way to experience the village is through the free, downloadable app, Pocketsights.


Pocketsights is a more immersive experience, with detailed history, photos, and even videos of the building throughout the pioneer village.


Bonanzaville currently offers four walking tours, but more will be added!


Download Instructions:

  1. Open up your app store on your mobile device.

  2. Search and select Pocketsights

  3. Click install

  4. Open the app and give permission for the device to use your location to find the tours nearest you.

  5. Select your tour and enjoy! You can use the app alone or in conjunction with the paper maps provided at the gift shop.

Bonanzaville Walking Tours:

  • Bonanzaville: Agriculture Tour

  • Bonanzaville: Full Village Tour

  • Bonanzaville: Main Street Tour

  • Bonanzaville: Technological Innovations of the 20th Century (In Progress)

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