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This Page highlights some of our Venues.  Just select Rental Inquiries to complete a form so a team member can contact you.

Event Center

This space seats 350 and is located on the 2nd Floor of the Main Museum with access by Elevator and Stairway. The Space includes a fully equipped Kitchen with a serving window for you or your Caterer to use.  A full service bar is available by contract making the Event Center a Perfect Modern Rental Space for Your Wedding and/or Reception


Dawson Hall

This space has a capacity of 240 Guests and with its Rustic Look with a Stage for your use and Rental Bar Available.


South Pleasant Church

Built in 1890,  This Country Church from Christine ND is just perfect for Celebrating Your Wedding Vows with 200 or fewer Guests and a Basement Reminiscent of Quieter Times


Court House

Want a different spin on an Event in our Courthouse with authentic 1906 furnishings.  35 or fewer Guests.  Available May through October, Weather Permitting!


Brass Rail & Saloon Houston House

Air Museum

Band Stand

Venues Abound

The Venues are almost endless so come out and find that perfect place.

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