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Sponsor a Building

How It Works

Bonanzaville is a 501(c)3 and operates on revenue generated primarily through admissions and charitable donations. Maintaining historic buildings for future generations to enjoy is part of the mission that we at Bonanzaville are dedicated to.  The costs to preserve the buildings, and the artifacts they contain, go far beyond just materials.  Without the dedicated employees, facilities, and volunteers at Bonanzaville, these buildings would simply no longer exist.

The Sponsor-a-Building program ensures that our historic buildings will have the necessary funding to last for generations. Twenty percent of the funds received on the adopted building will be put into a restricted account and used for materials and supply costs of any structure maintenance or improvements. The remaining eighty percent will be used for labor, supplies and equipment for maintenance, landscaping and lawn care, and administrative costs.  The adopter will be notified if the restricted funds will be used for anything other than what it is intended for.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to let the community we serve help us by properly funding our mission.  Bonanzaville brings visitors to our region, provides education to thousands of children, and preserves irreplaceable artifacts. Without people like you it wouldn’t be possible.

If interested in adopting a building please contact Beth Jansen at 701-282-2822 or

Level 4 Supporter- $400/month ($4,800/year)

Arthur Town Hall

Eugene Dahl Car Museum

Dawson Hall

Eagles Air Museum

Steam Engine Museum

Horse Drawn Vehicle Building

Houston House

Tractor Museum

Moum Agriculture Building -ADOPTED by Bobcat/Doosan

Telephone Museum


Level 3 Supporter-$250/month ($3,000/year)

Brass Rail Saloon and Hotel

Cass Clay Creamery

Cass County District Court

Checkered Years Home

Dobrinz School

Embden Depot

Hagen House

Kathryn Depot

Land Office Bank-ADOPTED by Western State Bank

Law Enforcement Museum

Medical Display

Pioneer Fire Company

Steam Museum

Thue-Brink Store


Level 2 Supporter- $100/month ($1,200/year)

Drug Store

Fargo’s First House

Forness Log Cabin

Furnberg Store-ADOPTED by Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson

Habberstad Cabin

Hunter Times- ADOPTED by Dakota Heritage Bank, Hunter Insurance Agency, Hunter Grain Co., Nepstad Oil Co. and Hunter Equipment

Martinson Cabin

Trangsrud Elevator -ADOPTED in memory of Chuck Trangsrud

Trangsrud House-ADOPTED by Henry & Joyce Trangsrud

U-R Next Barber Shop - ADOPTED by Maple Valley Ag Product & Killoran Trucking

Wheatland Town Hall and Jail

Level 1 Supporter- $50/month ($600/year)

Blacksmith Shop $50/month ($600/year)-ADOPTED by American Welding and Gas

Buffalo Bandstand-ADOPTED by the EBC Fraternity Alumni Committee

Case Eagle- ADOPTED By John & Cheryl Severson

Great Northern Gate House-ADOPTED by the 2013-2014 Bonanzaville Board Members

Outdoor Ag Display-ADOPTED by Cargill

Harness Shop

Pioneer Gardens-ADOPTED by Bob and Marilyn Benson

Water Tower

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